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    The Building Division reviews and approves all building plans, issues building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other permits, and inspects buildings and projects under construction.  The Building Division also inspects existing structures for unsafe or dilapidated conditions and begins the abatement process if necessary under the authority of the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings. Code Enforcement is an integral part of the Division, responsible for safety, health, and various state and city code compliance.



    A Building Permit is required anytime a building or structure, or any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical system is to be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished.  There are some exceptions to this requirement and you should contact the Building Division to see if a permit is required.  To obtain a Building Permit Application, please see below.  The owner,  or owners contractor, or owners agent (with signed letter from the owner) may then pay the fees and sign for the permit in person.

     Work Exempt from Permits


    Building Submittal Requirements 

    Building Permit Application

     Re Roof Permit Application   

    Sample Plot Plan

    Smoke Form

     Patio Detail

     Contractors Business Lic App

    Residential Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Submittal

    Residential Fire Sprinkler FAQ


                 Building Permit Counter at the City Hall:

·        8a.m. until 12p.m. - 1p.m. until 5p.m. Monday through Friday.

·        Phone: (559) 891-2208   Fax: (559) 896-1068



Please call the Building Division if you are unsure if you need to submit plans with your Permit Application.  Generally, plans are needed whenever new construction is involved.  Also, plans are required for major remodels, patio covers, carports, etc. 

Plan Check Requirements:

·        For residential 3 complete sets and commercial projects-5 complete sets of plans

·        Sets may include: site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, elevations, electrical, plumbing, mechanical,  roof framing, etc. depending on scope of project.

·        See submittal details above:



·        Codes Enforced: 2016 California Building Code, 2016 California Mechanical Code, 2016 California Plumbing Code, 2016 California Electrical Code, 2016 NFPA

·        2016 California Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings

·        California Code of Regulations, Title 24 for Disabled Access

·        California Code of Regulations, Title 24  Energy Conservation requirements

·        Climate Exposure 13, Seismic Zone 3 & 4

·        Minimum Basic Wind Speed 85 MPH, Wind Design Exposure C



Inspections are required after obtaining a building, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical permit.  When the permit is issued, you will be informed of the required inspections for your project.  When the work is ready for inspection, you must call the

24 HOUR Inspection Request Line (559) 891-2220.

Provide the following information:

·        Jobsite address

·        Permit Number

·        Day of Inspection

·        Type of inspection

·        Your name

    Your request must be on the answering machine before 3:30 PM  for an inspection to be done on the following day.  Inspections are generally between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. If you need to speak to the inspector before the inspection, feel free to call (559) 891-2208 between the hours of 8-9 AM or 4-5PM. 

In order to perform the inspections in an efficient manner, please remember

When the Inspector Arrives:

·        Have your permit and Job Card on the Jobsite.

·        Have the City approved plans on the Jobsite.

·        Have any previous “Outcome of Inspection” notices available.

·        Provide a ladder if the inspector needs to get on the roof or in the attic.                



·        Selma Community Development (559) 891-2208  
Fax (559) 896-1068

·        Inspections 24 Hour Request Line (559) 891-2220

·        SKF Sewer District (559) 897-6500

·        Selma Unified School District (559) 898-6500

·        Fresno County Building/Planning  (559) 600-4078

·        Fresno County Health Department (559) 600-3357

·        California Water Service (559) 896-4546

·        Selma Disposal (559) 891-7694

·        San Joaquin Valley Pollution Control District (559) 497-1040

·        Comcast (cable TV)  (559) 253-4050

·        Pacific Gas and Electric (559) 891-2139




Selma Code Enforcement ensures that all codes relating to the health and safety of the public at large are enforced.  It's responsibility is to identify and inform the residents of  possible violations. 

In addition to health and safety, Code Enforcement works with city staff and dedicated volunteers to educate and assist the general public of its responsibilities pertaining to neighborhood deterioration and blight, and when necessary, to enforce the standards of the community.

What Codes Does the City Enforce?

·        Abandoned/Foreclosed Homes   Registration Form

·        Building & Property Code Complaints   Complaint Form

·        Business Licenses and Permits

·        Vehicle abatements

·        Graffiti removal

·        Waste recycling

·        Water conservation

·        Zoning laws

·        Signage and banners

·        California smoking laws

·        Hazardous materials regulations











Senior Planner


Bryant Hemby

Associate Planner


Ryan Albee


IS Supervisor/Technician


Dan Ruiz

Building Inspector


Javier Vidrio

Code Enforcement Officer


Sabino Cayetano

Building Permit Tech


TELEPHONE: (559) 891-2208
FAX: (559) 896-1068





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