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Overall Business Information

    This website has a variety of information for businesses. Many of the resources are offered at no cost.

    This is the site of the U.S. Small Business Administration. New businesses and experienced business can both take advantage of the information offered in this site.

    SCORE is a resource of the U.S. Small Business Administration. SCORE counselors are retired professionals who volunteer their time to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs. The website has workshops, a resource library and you can access a score counselor though this website.

    Idea Café is an interactive website that provides much-needed and professional advice on all business topics. You can receive information already posted and ask questions on-line.

    Run by a non-profit, this site offers free, online business courses; do-it-yourself style!

    This website has many resources. You fill out a survey on the topic you are interested in. Instead of providing information, it provides a list of great web-sites that will meet every need. Go to this site, click on the topic and receive a list of resources that can help you!

    This site is a free online educational site that offers information in business, management and economics using video and interactive models.


Business Plan

    This site provides information that will give you the tools to write a plan for your business.


Business Finance

    This site provides detailed information regarding loan and capital sources, business credit, and writing a loan request. You can also take advantage of a section that matches you up with the best finance options related to your life and business.

    This site offers a wide range of information, but there is a special item—the start-up calculator. It helps you determine if you have enough capital to start a business and gives you a chance to plan your business’ finances.


Legal Issues of Business

    Go to this site, click on the small business section on the left-hand side of the homepage and find all the legal information you would need if you are the owner of a small business.

    This is online book site where you can find, download and read books on business topics and technology.


Business Services

    This site matches buyers and sellers of services that can be delivered over the Web, by mail, fax, phone or email—from consultation involving marketing to web development to accounting and more.

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Retirement Plan Options

This site provides information on some of the different retirement plans available.



    This is a free online magazine that is released that provides small businesses with the latest technology information.


Doing Business In California

    View various topics such as guidelines of choosing a business structure, how to file tax and employer identification documents, a checklist of starting a business, and much more. You can also find a list of business resources including different state departments, a list of trade associations and partners, a list of California codes and new legislation in California. This is a government site, therefore provides up-to-date, necessary information.

    Are you a woman in business or looking to start a business? If you are, this is the site for you. It is a resource of the U.S. Small Business Administration that addresses the needs of women and provides information on different opportunities and topics related to women in business.


This online Resource Guide includes only a few of the great web-sites on the Internet for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The SBSC does not endorse any one source. It is important to know that there is much more out there to take advantage of. If you need assistance with this guide or would like more information, please contact the Small Business Support Center at (559) 891-2200




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