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SELMA, CA. 93662

PHONE: 559-891-2205

FAX: 559-896-1068


Rabies Vaccination Clinics

2nd Chance Animal Shelter

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By spaying or neutering your pet, you are helping to reduce the population of unwanted and unloved animals.  Starvation, illness and or death can easily be prevented with this simple and inexpensive operation.  So be kind to your animals and speak with your local veterinarian.


    Dog licenses are required in the City of Selma for all dogs over the age of four (4) months, and are to be renewed on an annual basis.  The City of Selma, and the State of California, require a one (1) year vaccination be obtained as soon as a dog has reached the age of four (4) months and a three (3) year vaccination for any dog over the age on one (1) year.  Licenses are not required for cats in the City of Selma.


All licenses expire on December 31st of each year.  They become delinquent if not renewed by March 31st. at which time a 50% penalty is applied.



Unaltered                              $20.00 per Year

Altered (spayed or neutered)    $10.00 per year


SENIORS CITIZENS - Age 62 and over 50% discount

Senior Unaltered                     $10.00 per Year

Senior Altered                         $ 5.00 per year



1.  I have just moved here from another city and my dog was licensed there.  Is that license valid? 

No, each locality has different rules & regulations, therefore, a new license must be obtained for the City of Selma.


2.  My dog is missing and I don't know where to go to locate it.

You should phone the Selma Police Department (559) 896-2525 to report your lost dog.  They have a listing of all dogs in the City that are licensed, so if the dog is found the owners can be contacted.


3.  The date is August 1st.  My dog is eight (8) months old, it has just had it's rabies shots that the vet says is good for one (1) year.  Must my dog be vaccinated before I renew its license next January?

The City of Selma issues dog licenses on an annual basis, January 1 thru December 31 of each year.  According to the California State Health & Safety Code, Sec:121690(g) the license period shall not extend beyond the remaining period of validity for the current rabies vaccination.  So yes, since the original vaccination was in August the dog would need to be vaccinated again before the deadline of March 31 in order to have a valid license through the end of the year.




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