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Garbage Service


AB 341 Requirements (Mandatory Commercial Recycling Program)

Purpose: Reduce GHG emissions by expanding recycling efforts.

For more information, call the City of Selma at (559) 891-2200, or contact CalRecycle


Trash services within the City of Selma are contracted to:

Waste Management

(559) 891-7694 • Fax (559) 891-7745

For additional questions regarding your garbage service please

call Waste Management at (559) 891-7694.


Map of Garbage and Recycling Pickup days


For questions regarding billing please call Waste Management (559) 891-7694.


The following is information that you want to know and information that you should know about your trash service. 






When is the next community cleanup?

The community cleanups happen twice a year. They take place once in the spring, and once in the fall.


Next community cleanup: TBD


How am I billed for garbage service? 

Residential customers are billed for trash service on their property tax bill. Commercial customers are mailed bills from Selma Disposal. You have to pay that way.


What day is my trash picked up?

All three waste carts (brown, green & blue) are picked up on the same day.  Trash pick up runs Monday through Friday. See map of garbage and recycling pickup days


May I have more than one cart?

Yes, but you will be charged extra.

Brown trash carts are $26.50 a month.

Green waste carts and Blue recycling carts are $9.25 a month.


I was charged for a fine on my trash, what’s that about?

There are several ways to receive a fine in regards to your trash:

  • Overfilling. If the lid of your 95 gallon cart is unable to close due to an overfilled container, you will receive a fine.  This is easily avoided by making use of all three carts.  Over 50% of what the average family throws away is recyclable.

  • Contamination in the green and blue carts.  See What goes Where  to find out what is meant by contamination.

  •  Placing prohibited materials in the garbage cart such as tires, televisions, dirt or construction materials (concrete, sheetrock, etc.)

Can I receive a Senior Discount?

Yes, if you are of the age of 60 years or older you do qualify for a $1.00 discount off your monthly bill. Fill out this Senior Citizen Discount Form and bring it to City Hall with your ID.


A few things that we would like you to know

about your trash service


·          Curb side pick-up - Place carts the night before pick-up on the curb (not the street) facing the street so that the lid opens towards the street with space in between so that the truck arm can pick up the cart without knocking over other carts. 

·          Alley pick-up -  If you have alley pick up make sure your carts are placed on the proper side of the alley for pick-up.  Carts on both sides of the alley will necessitate the garbage truck making two trips down your alley.

·          Hints to make the cart empty better -Wet grass placed into a green cart will often not empty completely.  The wet grass sticks to the sides and to itself staying in the cart.  Cardboard stuffed into the recycling bin can do the same thing.  Please make sure items are loose so that they fall out of the can when  emptied.


Pictures of what NOT to do

Tires are not allowed in curbside garbage pick-up. Tires can be dropped off at the annual Selma Community Clean-Up Events held in the Spring and Fall.


The container to the right is not loaded properly. Branches must be cut down to a smaller size so that they fit in the container and can be dumped.  The truck cannot pick this container up and empty it properly.  It will likely cause a large mess.


Pipes such as these do not belong in the recycling bin. They can be dropped off at one of the annual  Community Clean-up Events.  The pipes are too tall.  The truck cannot properly pick up and empty the container because of the size of the pipes.



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