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    The Selma Fire Department Prevention Bureau reviews and approves all fire sprinkler, alarm and hood systems for new construction and tenant improvements. Questions regarding permits, plan review or inspections may be directed to Anthony Rivas at or call (559) 891-2265


    A fire permit is required anytime a building or structure is constructed with fire sprinkler, alarm or hood system. Permit may also be required if any system is enlarged, altered, moved or removed.

    When repairs, alterations or modifications to a fire sprinkler system are made, it is the servicing contractor's responsibility to consult this department prior to making any alterations in accordance with NFPA13.

    In most cases, repairs will require a full-fire sprinkler submittal package; however, other smaller repairs, alterations or modifications will require a significantly smaller package. Sprinkler system modifications consisting of twenty or less sprinkler heads require an over the counter permit.

    In every case where it is practical, the Department shall be consulted prior to the replacement of any fire sprinkler or fire sprinkler system component or other alteration or modification. Complete documentation shall be provided in accordance with NFPA 13, Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, the California Fire Code, and any local requirements.

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Plan Check

   A Fire Permit Application is required with all plans. Plans can be hand delivered or mailed to Selma Fire Administration Building at, 1711 Tucker St. Selma, Ca. 93662. For minor modifications, such as replacing less than 20 sprinkler heads or alarm panel replacement, a plan may not be required. This is at the discretion of the Fire Marshal. A permit is still required for any work being done to any fire related system. Please refer to Fire Prevention Policies for submittal information.

   After review of plans, owner/contractor will be notified using the contact information provided on their application. Payment and retrieval of plans will be at Selma City Hall, 1710 Tucker St. Selma Ca. 93662. Payment may also be sent in with plans, contact Fire Marshal prior to submitting for total of fees.


For all fire-related inspections, please contact Anthony Rivas at 559-891-2265 or email

At the time of inspection:



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