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Fire Chief – Michael Kain

    Fire Chief Michael Kain is a life long resident of the valley.  He currently oversees operations, fire suppression, EMS services, training, facility management, and fleet.

    Fire Chief Michael Kain was hired by the Selma Fire Department in 1987 as a Firefighter/Paramedic. He has promoted to each rank within the Selma Fire Department.

    Chief Kain started his career in Fresno working for Jones Ambulance as an EMT, and also served as a part paid firefighter for North Central Fire Protection District.  He attended paramedic school in 1985 and still maintains his paramedic status and serves as the department’s PLO.

    Because of an automatic aid agreement Chief Kain also serves as a liaison Chief to the City of Sanger and the City of Kingsburg.

Chief Kain with Selma's newest Fire Captain Jeremy Owens. CPT Owens was promoted in December 21st 2015.



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