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Fire Stations and Apparatus

Station 1

 Station 1 - 1927 W. Front St.


    Station 1, located at 1927 West Front Street, houses Engine 110, Truck 111, . This stationís minimum staffing is two personnel.

Station 2

Station 2 - 2861 A St.


    Currently, the department operates out of two fire stations, strategically located, to provide the most efficient response to the community.  Station 2 (formerly Station 54) is located at 2861 A Street, houses Engines 111 and 311.  This station's minimum staffing is two personnel with a Paramedic on the engine 24/7. 

Administration Building

    The Administration Building located at 1711 Tucker Street is a multipurpose building and is home to the Fire Chief, Arson team, Training Branch, Logistics and Supply Branch, Inspector, and Prevention and Education office. The building also serves as a Training room for classes put on by Selma Fire Department's Training Branch.


Utility Vehicles

    Selma Fire Department has numerous Utility Vehicles to help in carrying out specialty duties of the department. They include the Arson and Prevention Car, utility truck, Inspectors vehicle, Incident Support Trailer, Safety Trailer, Gator and Chief's Command Vehicle.

Utility Vehicle

Inspectors Vehicle

Incident Support Unit

Safety Trailer


Fire Chief's Command Vehicle



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