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Animal Services

Animal control officers duties during regular business hours (8am - 4pm) are handled by the Second Chance Animal Shelter

The duties of the Animal Control Officer are to:

  • Provide emergency transportation for injured stray animals
  • Animal bite reporting/quarantine as necessary
  • Impound and temporarily care for stray and unwanted animals
  • Criminal investigations involving animals
  • Resolve citizen complaints regarding animals
  • License enforcement
  • Assist with animal traps as needed 
  • Dangerous/vicious animal enforcement
  • Assist with vaccination clinics
  • Coordinate euthanasia services when absolutely necessary


  • If your dogs live outdoors, make sure they have shelter from the sun and rain. Always provide them with a fresh supply of water.

  • Dogs have a higher internal body temperature than humans and get warm at lower temperatures.

  • Never leave your animal in the car alone, even with the windows cracked open. The temperature inside a vehicle can quickly reach 120 degrees. If parked in the shade, remember that shade moves as the day progresses.

  • Immunizing dogs against disease is a simple process. It is one of the most routine procedures performed in veterinary clinics and also the one most prone to confusion and misconception.

  • Keep your canine first aid kit packed and ready for action, and have the telephone numbers of your veterinarian and emergency clinic handy just in case. Accidents, insect stings, dog fights and heat stroke can require immediate attention.

  • If your dog gets lost or stolen, please call Selma Police Department Animal Control and give a description of your dog. This may assist in the return of your dog if it is picked up or delivered to the shelter.

For more information about animal services, contact Selma Police Department at (559) 896-2525 or Second Chance Animal Shelter (559) 896-7227




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