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Property & Evidence Unit

 The Property and Evidence Unit handles and stores all evidence and property that is seized or found until it is needed for court, returned to its owner, or can be lawfully destroyed or disposed of. These items can range from a single strand of hair to furniture to vehicles. The destruction, disposal, or return of property is determined by the Property and Evidence Officer in accordance with state and local law.

Evidence, once booked by an officer and received by this unit, can no longer be removed or even physically examined without an authorized person signing for it.

Evidence Unit personnel also are responsible for preparation of court exhibits, production of photographic, audio and video evidence, copying and reproduction of photographic, audio and video evidence, reports and other evidence items for the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender, private attorneys and investigators who are legally entitled to obtain these materials.

The Property and Evidence Unit hours of operation:

Monday through Friday

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

 The unit is closed on all major holidays.  

Property retrieval is by appointment only.   Please call the Property and Evidence Unit at 559-891-2210 to schedule your appointment.  Walk-in service is provided if Unit personnel are available


What are the criteria for retrieving property from the Property & Evidence Unit?

CASE NUMBER: You must have the case number assigned to your property

EVIDENCE: The officer, detective or the court assigned to the case must provide a release saying that you may pick up the item or items. Only the person listed on the release, as the owner of the item, is authorized to pick up the item. If the owner is hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated, a Power of Attorney form will be necessary unless an immediate family member can provide written permission from the owner. Photo identification must be presented in order to receive the item

WEAPONS: A letter from the California Department of Justice must be obtained before a  weapon will be released to you.  Forms and instructions are available on the CA DOJ web site or at any police station or sheriff’s office.

FOUND/SAFEKEEPING PROPERTY: In general you must be able to give reasonable proof that you are the owner. Sales slips, pictures or other written documentation, verbal description of the item(s) or distinctive markings may be acceptable. 

IDENTIFICATION: You must show acceptable proof of identification with a photograph, for example:

·  Valid driver’s license, learners or non-driver identification.

·  Military Identification, other local, state or federal government.

·  Picture Identification Card.

For more information about Property and Evidence, Contact Community Service Officer Frank Brown at (559) 891-2210 or frankb@cityofselma.com







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