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Volunteers in Policing

Selma Police Volunteers

    Our mission is to support the department by providing non-enforcement services which then allows sworn police officers to focus on their primary mission of crime prevention and enforcement of the state and city laws.

Who are we?

    The Selma Police Volunteers are a team of trained citizen volunteers who assist police with non-enforcement duties and value added services that allow officers to focus on crime reduction. Volunteer members do not take enforcement action, carry weapons or make arrests.

Why become a Police Volunteer?

    As a volunteer you will contribute to positive communications between your community and law enforcement as member of the team.  You will:

  • Assist in controlling, reducing, and preventing crime in Selma

  • Meet new people in varied settings

  • Gain valuable work experience

  • Take pride in knowing you are part of the solution in crime reduction

Interested individuals are invited to call the Selma Police Sargeants Desk at
(559) 891-2232



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