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School Resource Services

School Resource Officer Program

    In 2000, the Selma Police Department joined a growing list of police departments across the country by instituting a School Resource Officer or (SRO). The School Resource Officer concept is nationally recognized as a program that utilizes an experienced law enforcement officer in the school setting on a full time basis. The program is a team effort between the Selma Police Department and members of the school community cooperatively addressing issues that impact the safety, learning environment, and other community concerns in and around the school setting. The SRO program is an integral part of the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Each school becomes the School Resource Officer's "community" to provide a full range of personalized police services. Whether it is a theft, truancy, disorderly conduct, assaults or other violations of the law, the SRO is there to handle it quickly and professionally. Additionally the School Resource Officer is responsible for coordination the Selma Police Departmentís Youth Diversion Program.

What is the Youth Diversion Program?

    Many times when a juvenile commits a minor offense it is because there is a larger problem that needs to be addressed. When a juvenile arrest is made the officer determines a course of action to prevent the youth from continuing a trend of delinquency. One option the officer has is to place the juvenile in to the Selma Police Departmentís Youth Diversion Program. The juvenile is issued a citation to appear at the Police Department with a parent or guardian. The parent and SRO then work together placing the Juvenile on a contract which includes requirements the juvenile must complete to rectify the offense. Community service is an important part of the Youth Diversion Program. An officer supervises a group of juvenile offenders on the weekends to complete cleanup projects. This gives the youth an understanding of work and a sense of accomplishment and citizenship.

    In the summer of 2010 the Selma Police Department assigned Officer Cesar Bejarano to the SRO position. He has an office at the Selma High School and also assists at the Abraham Lincoln Middle School and at Heartland Alternative School.

For more information contact Officer Vincent Bantayan at (559) 896-2525 or vincentb@cityofselma.com



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