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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
About Selma's Public Safety Needs


What are the demands on Selma’s police force?


Meth labs, drug trafficking and gangs are serious problems in Selma. Selma police say there are as many as 350 gang members and associates in the City, and the number of drug arrests has increased by nearly 115% in the past four years. We can fight these problems by putting more police on the streets and maintaining funds for gang and drug prevention programs.


How can we address gang and drug violence specifically?


We must increase police presence in our neighborhoods and parks, as well as expand community policing. Increasing the number of anti-drug and anti-gang police officers will keep kids off the streets and out of trouble.


Are there 9-1-1/fire needs in our community?


There currently aren’t enough firefighters or police officers to respond to multiple emergencies. We need to hire enough firefighters and police officers to do so. Additionally, our safety personnel need modern equipment, new police cars and fire engines.


How does the Public Safety Measure impact safety in Selma?


The measure was designed to:

  • Expand anti-gang, anti-drug and youth programs

  • Hire more anti-gang and anti-drug officers

  • Improve police and firefighter training

  • Hire more firefighters and police officers to respond to multiple emergencies

  • Increase police patrols to protect our neighborhoods, parks and areas surrounding our schools

  • Purchase safety equipment, such as protective clothing and breathing apparatuses for firefighters


Why was the Public Safety Measure needed?


The state had taken $4 million from Selma city government to deal with the state budget crisis. The state’s fiscal problems only reinforced the fact that we could not rely on Sacramento to fund our needs. Additionally, Selma is one of the fastest growing cities in the country—our population will increase by more than 51% to nearly 33,000 people by 2015. Unfortunately our public safety services have not kept up with growth. Selma would be unable to maintain public safety services, let alone keep up with the growth, without these additional funds.


How can I be sure that Public Safety money is being spent as promised?


The Public Safety Measure included strong fiscal accountability protections, such as annual, independent financial audits and an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee that will monitor spending and guarantee that all funds are being spent as promised.


How can I find out more information?

A: If you would like to find out more about these issues, please contact Fire Chief Robert Petersen at (559) 891-2211.


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