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    Engineering reviews all subdivisions, parcel maps, improvement and drainage plans, and consults pertaining to the development of private property.  The Engineering Department also prepares and oversees all capital improvement projects and represents the City at all COG-TCC meetings.

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- City Standards Disclaimer -

    Public Works attempts to achieve maximum uniformity of construction and engineering practices within the City of Selma. These are minimum standards and are intended to assist, but not to substitute for work by engineering and design professionals. Special conditions or environmental constraints may require more stringent design than would normally be required under these Standards. It is not the intent of the City to limit any innovative effort that could result in a superior project design. A proposed design, which is different from these Public Works Standards, will be evaluated on the basis that the proposed design will produce a comparable or superior result, and in every way adequate for the user, the City, and the Public.



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