Code Enforcement

Selma Code Enforcement ensures that all codes relating to the health and safety of the public at large are enforced.  It's responsibility is to identify and inform the residents of  possible violations.

In addition to health and safety, Code Enforcement works with city staff and dedicated volunteers to educate and assist the general public of its responsibilities pertaining to neighborhood deterioration and blight, and when necessary, to enforce the standards of the community.

If you wish to file a Code complaint or inquiry, you may do so through our Online Public Portal with OpenGov.   

What Codes Does the City Enforce?

  • Abandoned/Foreclosed Homes 
  • Building & Property Code Complaints
  • Fresno County Code Complaint Form / Complaint Form
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Vehicle abatements
  • Graffiti removal
  • Waste recycling
  • Water conservation
  • Zoning laws
  • Signage and banners
  • California smoking laws
  • Hazardous materials regulations

Code Enforcement Phone Hours

Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Friday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Customers without appointments will not be served after 3 p.m.
To schedule an appointment, please contact the assigned Inspector or Investigator.

Code Enforcement Officers

Alex Heredia [email protected]
Sukhjeet Samra  [email protected]

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