Incentives & Resources

Many other incentives and resources are available to business looking to expand or locate in Selma. Please  contact us to learn about the best options for your business. Below is a listing of a few lucrative options for your consideration. You may also want to contact our partner agencies for additional technical support for these incentives and more. 

Local Incentives and Programs

Downtown Selma Storefront Improvement Grant

The Downtown Business Storefront Improvement Grant Program in the City of Selma is a strategic initiative aimed at revitalizing downtown businesses by providing financial support for exterior enhancements.

Download the Application Here

Submit to:     City of Selma Economic Development Department
                             1710 Tucker Street, Selma CA 93662

Business Improvement District: Discover Selma's Business Improvement District, a collaborative initiative empowering businesses to foster economic growth and success in the downtown area.

Workforce Incentives

Employment Training Panel (ETP)

Available to employers looking to up-skill employees for greater competition in the national and global market. Flexible training program is developed with the State of California and funding is performance based.

Human Resource Hotline

Provided by the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board. This hotline is free to employers across all of Fresno County. For answers to your complex or even simple HR needs including up to date employment law changes call: 1-844-431-4748

Incumbent Worker Training

Training funds available through Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board

New Employment Opportunity (NEO)

Wage Reimbursement of 100% for the first three months of employment for hiring qualified employees. Available through Fresno County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in partnership with the County of Fresno Department of Social Services.Contact [email protected]

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Federal level tax credit available to employers who hire individuals that qualify based on a targeted population including Veterans, Ex-Felons, Summer Time Youth, and Government Assisted Individuals. Visit the EDD website for the WOTC Employer Guide

Finance Programs and Incentives

Industrial Development Bond Financing Program

CA Infrastructure Bank (I-Bank) offers several programs for businesses large and small with potential for long and flexible terms and low interest rates. See all programs at the website below.Visit:

California Competes Tax Credit

State level income tax credit available to businesses that apply online during open application periods (typically 3 times per fiscal year).Call: 916-322-4051 for live technical support and information. Email: [email protected]Visit: 

PG&E Economic Development Rate (EDR)

Reduced rate for five years for businesses at risk of leaving California or expanding businesses that are considering other locations out of state.
Visit: PG&E Economic Development

Global Trade and Investment

Foreign Trade Zone #226

Designated facilities that, for Customs purposes, are outside of the United States. Benefits include reduced tariffs and fees. Zone designation can be evaluated by the administrating entity which for Zone #226 is the County of Merced. Contact: [email protected]

Partner Agencies

Startup Resources

Miscellaneous Resources

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