Fire Prevention

The goal of Selma Fire's Inspection Program is to minimize risk of life and property loss from fire. We do this by eliminating hazardous conditions in businesses.

National statistics show that 70% of businesses that suffer a major fire incident never reopen their doors, while 25% of businesses that do reopen their doors fail within one year. Big fires always start small. If fires in structures are not contained quickly, they spread through the building structure and cannot be extinguished. These uncontrolled fires can spread to surrounding buildings.

For these reasons, it is vital for businesses and multi-unit residential owners to be educated about proper fire prevention practices. They also should be inspected every year.

If you have specific questions about our Fire Inspection Program, please feel free to contact Fire Marshal Anthony Rivas at [email protected] or (559) 891-2265

Fire Prevention Policies


Fire Education

The fire education division is managed by Firefighter Gerald Reeser and Samantha Sauceda. The fire education division coordinates activities associated with educating the public on fire and emergency safety matters. Public education programs include Firefighters In Safety Education (F.I.S.E.) and home safety inspections.

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The public education division provides fire safety education through many different mediums including health fairs, school assemblies, newsletters/articles, fire station tours, and community public safety days, like "SAFE Day at the Park." The public education division has many popular learning tools such as the Remembering When Program (elderly fire education) and F.I.S.E (youth fire education). 

For more information on fire prevention and education in Selma or to set up an education tour or presentation for your group, contact Samantha Sauceda or Gerald Reeser at (559) 891-2211.

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