The Streets Division mission is to provide the residents of Selma with the highest quality ofScreenshot 2023-05-31 155623 service possible.

The Department is responsible for maintenance of over 75 miles of city streets and public right of ways.

The Department installs all sidewalks, curbs and gutters and ensures all curb markings, striping and street legends are visible. The Crew also maintains and repairs all traffic signals and city owned street lighting to make certain all traffic signals are working and street lights are illuminated for public safety. City owned signs that the department also maintains includes regulatory, construction and guidance signs.

Throughout the year, on a constant basis, the crew regularly monitors 40 miles of storm lines, which includes approximately 700 drains inlets/catch basins, 15 lift stations and 13 retention ponds.

The street sweeper services 320 curb miles per month. Landscaping of all islands and graffiti removal, not only beautifies the city, but also shows the pride and the commitment the department has for its community. In turn, providing a sense of pride to its residents. Safety and quality service is the department's highest priority

*Residential streets are swept once a month.

*Commercial streets are swept weekly.

Below are frequent issues that may prohibit the sweeper from sweeping your curb.

  • Vehicles parked at the curb.
  • Low-hanging tree branches and shrubs
  • Miscellaneous items such as bicycles, basketball hoops and trash cans.
  • Leaves and large debris in the gutter. (The sweeper is designed to pick up light debris and dirt to prevent the clogging of storm drains. It is not meant to pick up piles of leaves. Piles of leaves swept, pushed or blown to the gutter will not be picked up).

Please help us provide street sweeping services for you.

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